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I'm Rebecca DiGiovanna, a Memphis made artist and grad student living and working in NYC! Raised by two brilliant artists (you can find my dad's website featuring his repurposed sculptures hereand examples of my mom's work here!), I have been surrounded by all things creative, ingenuitive and unconventional as far back as I remember. 

Lured north by my parent's tales of their Brooklyn childhoods, I moved to Manhattan following my undergrad at UT Knoxville, and am now (slowly!) working on my masters in art history at Hunter College. I've worked in various roles in the arts world–commercially as a painter for Away, a luxury travel brand offering hand painted monograms (you can find some examples of this work in my archiveand currently at The Drawing Center, a wonderful little museum for contemporary art in the heart of SoHo. 

I love finding inspiration in the details of my surroundings, and you'll often find me snapping pictures of everything from colorful bodega bagel spreads, to streetside produce vendors and the occasional hapless pigeon for painting inspo. For me, the act of creating is an act of remembering–a way to recapture the feeling of particular times and places in our lives and preserve a well-loved moment on panel or paper forever. As my inspiration is as eclectic and ever-evolving as the cities I'm surrounded by, you'll find a wide array of subject matter featured here–from urban architecture and landscapes, to still lifes and  portraits, in mediums like charcoal & pastel, watercolor, acrylic and oil on canvas, panel & paper.

A note that my available work is often of a smaller scale (NY apartments are notoriously tiny, after all!) but I love any opportunity to paint big – if larger sizes are something you're interested in seeing more of, just ask! 


Hi there!

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